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Eyeshape Payment Policy

This Payment Policy describes how payments will be made for the work we do at the Eyeshape Advertising company. You can discuss your budget rate by contacting us. Any budget change you make will not apply immediately to any service we offer (and resulting interactions, if any) active services at the time of the change will not be affected. It may take 30 days.
We believe in brief knowledge sharing interactions. Thus, you can discuss subjects you are familiar with.
Eyeshape strictly believes in providing satisfactory services to their customers. We offer Cooperate Designing, Branding, logo Designing, Retainer ship, Website Maintenance, Social media marketing & Social media management on a monthly basis. These services are offered to only those customers who acquire our monthly services. Any other formality is not entertained.

Forms of Payment


All Cheques (excluding payroll and specialty account cheques) are issued by the Accounts Payable Department.

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)

Electronic funds transfers include payments made via wire transfer which may be initiated by the submission of a Wire Transfer Request.

Returned Cheques: If a customer gives us a cheque that bounces due to insufficient funds, the customer will be charged a PKR 500 fee. The Cooperative does honor post-dated cheques. Or all cheques are processed on the day of receipt. Customers who have more than two cheques returned from a bank on their account within a 12-month period will be required without exception to make their monthly payment in cash or by money order.

Late Payment: When a payment is not made within one full billing period from the date of the invoice, the account will be classified as past due. A late payment charge of 1.5 percent per month will be added to all amounts billed excluding GST. Each customer’s statement shows the date the bill is mailed and the date by which payment must be made to avoid the late payment charge.
Customers with past due payments will be notified in writing on the next invoice statement that the amount must be paid in 10 days. This is the only notification that will be issued. If payment is not made within the 10-day period, Eyeshape personnel will make a collection visit. A PKR 500 collection fee will then be added to the amount due. If payment is not made at the time of the visit, service may be disconnected without further notice and a rejoin fee for any service that has been disconnected due to non-payment will be charged, in addition to the collection fee.

Rejoin Procedure: Following service disconnection for non-payment, service will not be rejoined until payment is made and the customer contacts Eyeshape’s Customer Service Center 021-34992517. The working hours are 10am to 6pm – Monday through Saturday except holidays. After receipt of payment, service will be rejoined no later than the next day between 10am and 5:45pm and Friday 10am and 5pm.

For additional information please call Eyeshape’s Customer Service Center at 021-34992517 or Email at: eyeshape@gmail.com